The Evolution of the School Newsletter

There was a time when the school newsletter was taken home in school bags every week. Parents either received it or not depending on the reliability of the child or the method of transport. More often than not, parents recall finding the newsletter scrunched in the bottom of the school bag, sometimes covered in mushy banana, or water spilled from a drink bottle. Usually, only one child from each family would bring home the newsletter (generally the oldest), so if the oldest forgot the newsletter (or lost it), or was absent from school for the day, sometimes the newsletter wouldn’t get home at all.

Electronic Newsletters Improved on Paper Newsletters

This is one of the reasons so many schools started offering the school newsletter in an electronic format. Initially this was a good idea. Parents would get the newsletter in their email and be able to read it at their leisure. Provided it wasn’t accidentally deleted, or lost to spam filters, it would be available for looking at whenever needed (just to refresh parents’ minds of the upcoming important events). However, many parents don’t spend as much time on the home computer as they used to, and are now spending more of their Internet time on their smartphones, where they can access common apps, search engines, social media, and more.

Newsletters Sent by Mobile Phone are Even More Convenient

For this reason, more and more schools are starting to rely on Active School Apps to deliver their weekly newsletter home. Most people nowadays are familiar with the apps found on iPhones and other smartphones, and have experienced the benefits for themselves. When the school introduces a new app, parents jump onto it very quickly and download it, and suddenly find their communication with the school has entered a new dimension. Not only do they receive important information immediately, but they’re also able to quickly message the school and know that the school will get whatever they send.

Keeping Track of School Information is So Much Easier

With school apps, parents can keep track of all notices sent home, newsletters, as well as anything they need to attend or pay for. Many schools offer apps that have a payment option for parents, making it easier for parents to pay for excursions and other events (without having to entrust the money to their kids).

School Apps are the Future in School Communication

Whether it’s enabling the school to communicate with the parents via school newsletters, or enabling parents to send important messages to the school for whatever reason, school apps are the wave of the future as the twenty first century progresses. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for Internet connection, as well as communication with friends, family, businesses and schools, more and more schools will introduce apps to facilitate communication with the family.

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