About Us

2b1 School Mobile Apps: Facilitating communication.

2b1 School Mobile Apps was born from a passionate appreciation of the importance of school to parent communication.

With our first-hand experience with the inefficient and wasteful note and newsletter system led us to seek a solution that would incorporate simple, easy-to-use technology. With USA having one of the highest percentages of smartphone users worldwide, the choice makes sense.

2b1 School Mobile Apps are passionate about increasing communication between families and schools. Our school mobile app is customized to school requirements and provides a versatile and instant way for schools to communicate with parents.

Whether to let parents know of a rained out sports event, an upcoming multi-day or to provide the latest school newsletter, 2b1 School Mobile Apps provide schools with an intuitive and cost-effective way of keeping parents in the know.

Why not get a free demo of your school’s app to test? Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information about our school apps.

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