Creating harmonious school to parent communication.

The clear and timely sharing of information between schools and their families is vital for efficient and cohesive education. By improving school to parent communication, our mobile apps have a host of benefits for both parties.

For Schools

  • Removes the financial and environmental cost of paper newsletters.
  • Notes are communicated securely by school staff to the parent via our mobile app, removing frustrations of notes being returned late or not at all.
  • Frees up the time of school staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions
  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents.

For Parents

  • Provides parents with an easy way to know what is going on.
  • Ensures parents always receive notes.
  • Reduces ‘bad parent days’ by reminding busy parents about upcoming school events.
  • Informs parents when events are rained out, avoiding frustration.

If you are experiencing school to parent communication issues in your school, request a free school mobile app demo and discover the power of this simple, ‘in your pocket’ solution.

Case Study: Soon to Come!!

“AWESOME APP! Very easy to use and great stuff on there. LOVE the reminders!”

  • Class email lists – but this resulted in duplicate information sharing.
  • Electronic newsletters – but email distribution resulted in high bounce-back rates from parent’s email accounts.
  • A Facebook group for parent to facilitate information sharing between parents – but problems with misinformation undermined its good intentions.

2b1 School Mobile Apps were engaged to provide a quick, reliable and convenient way for parents to receive information.

A mobile app was built and launched in a short time frame, resulting in:

  • 60% of the school’s parents downloading the app in the first 3 weeks of its availability.
  • Rapid approval and active use of the mobile app features, including sick notes and newsletter access.